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Chuck Pennington - www.harmonicthought.comHi, I’m Chuck Pennington and this is our family dog Speed. We rescued Speed from the Citizens for Animal Protection in Houston Texas in the early 90’s. The video above was compiled from video I shot in our backyard. Speed loves to chase squirrels so much so he started chasing them up the tree you see in the video.

I’d lost the video for years in storage and we recently moved and while unpacking I found it! I knew so folks that wanted to see it and so I thought others might want to as well.

So, I thought I’d put it up on YouTube and make a website that promotes the cause of rescue animals and shelters.

Speed is a miracle dog not because he can climb trees. Sometimes it’s good to not know what you’re supposed to do.

Speed is 17 and 1/2 years old right now…That’s 122.5 people years and is still getting into mischief…I just had to pull him out from under our kitchen sink and he loves to wade in the river and hang out with the deer out in the yard around our new home.

Speed has survived nearly complete kidney failure, knee replacement surgery at 13 (most good athletes do), and was diagnosed with bladder cancer 3 years ago and is still enjoys going on walks, trotting down our hill of a driveway, and being spoiled.

I know there’s more to his story and my wife is compiling it now and will posted under Speed’s Story soon.

Speed is a rescue dog and we want to make this website and resource and promotional vehicle for the cause of rescue animals and rescue shelters  everywhere.

There are so many wonderful pets out there that need homes and foster care. They are so grateful and bring a huge amount of love and gratitude into the live of the people they touch.

Please check out the resource page and donate your time, money, and love to these animals. The return will be exponential.